Robert Bosch 

Nov 2015 – Jan 2017


Visual Designer


A global Rebrand

In late 2015 Robert Bosch asked us to create a new digital brand identity in line with their new corporate design. The goal was to build a living UI Library that would position the traditional brand to be more emotional, modern, and timeless.

Bosch is a brand synonymous with quality, longevity and realiability – ‘Invented for Life’ is their brand promise.

The connection between humanity and technology.

To be in-line with the brand positioning we created a digital UI library that was fully based on the principles of atomic design.  Everything was connected and defined by the brand principles. The challenge for our team was to create a living document that could be 100% re-used globally. 

We derived every graphic element from the brand's strongest asset - the supergraphic.

A design system at scale - from small UI elements to bespoke campaign microsites.

Within the digital creative execution, we have intentionally created a system that can scale from simple content pages to creative campaign microsites – without re-creating components or the need to create fully bespoke elements that can not be re-used.

My Role & Responsibilities

I spent a little over 1.5 years working on the Robert Bosch account. During that time I was mainly responsible to maintain the living UI Library – creating and reviewing new components from our teams in Germany, presenting new additions to our senior clients, and getting sign-off. The work on the digital styleguide resulted in over 15 projects I worked on either in an oversight or hands-on role. Always making sure we deliver consistent and on-brand experiences. 

The Creative Team

Tom Schaafs – Creative Director

Frederik Spahrkaes – Design Lead

Peter Smyczek – UX Lead

Rebecca Werres – Visual Designer

Ben Lipinski – Junior UX Designer


Other projects