March 2018 – Oct 2019


Senior Designer


Customer Experience. Simply Delivered.

Quoting tools in the DHL digital ecosystem underperformed massively. The regular shipment funnel received less than 2% traffic in the US and Australia. In the Netherlands, the equivalent tool received 9% traffic. Without a dedicated landing page experience, users were unable to find the right quoting tool.

In 2018 we developed a completely new and disruptive quoting tool that unifies all business units at DHL. We collaborated with various stakeholders to understand their complex business logic and break them down into an easy-to-use experience.

The digital DHL Customer Experience is a full and true expression of the brand promise ‘Excellence. Simply Delivered.‘
It is relentlessly and radically build on customer needs while staying true to the brand purpose of joy, trust, and prosperity in every interaction.

Iterate with data. Test, Create, Implement, Release.

Introducing result-driven micro-UX as a way to constantly improve our tool after the launch of our MVP transformed our relationship with the client and our own team performance. We gained real user insights, by watching screen recordings of users around the world going through the tool. We got to know error rates, conversion rates, clicks through integrations like Adobe Analytics, Decibel and Usabilla.


Our 4 weeks release cycle consisted of:

Test/Analyse, Create Hypothesis, Design, Implement, Release new version.

We also did lots of Guerilla Testing to quickly validate ideas. The top is an example of the then current state. Below an example of a future design update.

A high-fidelity design prototype to test a new form of navigation and some minor UI updates.

An iterative re-brand

A modernized brand was being developed in parallel to our work on the quoting tool. The quoting tool was the first element to go live with the new brand identity which also served us to stress test design decisions and ensure accessibility is at the forefront of every design element.  On a weekly basis we worked closely together with Strichpunkt and exchanged brand and digital requirements.

A gateway to create longterm client relationships.

A centralized collection of tested, user-centric UI patterns

The project enabled our teams to build meaningful long-term relationships with DHL. Based on our user centric expertise and well-tested UI patterns we were able to build a white label pattern library for all business units to use – regardless of their application. 

My Role & Responsibilities

During my 2 years on the DHL account, I was responsible for the design direction and creative deliverables across multiple projects. On ‘Get A Quote’ we were working in a very agile client setup. I was highly involved in the conceptual UX phases and user testings. On a weekly basis, I needed to present and verbalize design processes and decisions to Senior Stakeholders as well as C-Level executives. 


Besides my daily work, I facilitated a bi-weekly exchange between us and the branding agency Strichpunkt. There I was able to influence the brand decisions from a digital point of view and hone in on best-in-class design language as well as WCAG AA accessibility standards.


The above led to selling in a white-label pattern library that enabled the various business units at DHL to re-use our established design system flexibly and regardless of their platform.


I helped out on some campaign-related work by creating an experience-led microsite template celebrating the power of global trade and how DHL partners with businesses across the world.

The Creative Team

Dina Falk – Product Owner (Client Side) 

Niklas Zillinger – Creative Director UX

Konstantin Weiss – Creative Director UX

Andreas Peters – UX Lead

Manuela Hess – Senior UX Designer

Rebecca Werres – Senior Designer

Benjamin Lipinski – UX Designer

Daniela Valero – Senior Engineer XT

Lars Weber – Senior Engineer XT

Christoph Koeckerling – Senior Engineer XT

Nenad Natosevic – Senior Architect

Rainer Friesen –  Architect

Christian Robert – Architect Software Engineering


Other projects