Little known fact…

…I throw some legendary office parties!

Things I like to do

I’m always part of our local community teams to give back to the amazing people I work with by creating fun, memorable experiences outside of work.


I have organized some legendary summer parties for the DACH-region employees. Our Christmas Parties in Cologne and smaller after-work events like crafting sessions, office BBQ, and Halloween fright night!

Always a themed party with some DIY decor.

Giving back - Christmas presents for local charities

In December 2018 & 2019 we collaborated with a local charity in Cologne to gift Christmas presents to children in need. We got a list of Christmas wishes from the kids and everyone participated and bought at least one. The rest we sponsored through the company.




Collecting beautiful typefaces

I love spending time on websites like to find some beautiful new fonts. Nothing is more satisfying than working with a font that has beautiful well though-through proportions and accents. Currently I love this one – ‚Coachella‘. I just like how versatile it is.

Multiple hours per day...

… I spent curating my life on Pinterest. If you ask me to delete all apps except one from my phone I would definitely keep Pinterest! 

Curating my life on Pinterest